Thursday, March 9, 2017

A fortuitous happenstance

I never imagined I'd have access to digital copies of the very-not-digital images from the 1995 trip, but then miraculously my brother in law, Tim, shared a folder of pictures he'd been scanning into google drive.
I love google drive. It just makes life so easy. Especially when pictures of the thing you're writing about miraculously show up on the internet, when you've spent several days looking at the photo album on the book shelf, debating "is it acceptable to take pictures of pictures and post them to a blog like you're not just cutting corners?"

Thank you Tim. You've prevented me from looking like a hack :) For now, anyway.

While there are many pictures where these came from, the pictures seem to end at Cape Town. But according to the handy index card my mother created, we still had almost 2 weeks of the trip left!

I don't know if this was only the first album, or I came across this folder of scans before Tim was done, but I hope there's more where these ones came from :D

Here's just a few to tide you over until the 2017 trip begins. IN SIXTY HOURS!

We look like a happy bunch, don't we?
On the train from somewhere to somewhere else ;)
Back row: Kevin, Selena, Buddy (Dad), Whitney, Steven
Front row: Priscilla, Ken, Glynnis, Wilson (Opa), Doreen

Moments later I discovered that I'm claustrophobic. So that was fun :)
Cango Caves, Swartberg Mountains near Oudtshoorn
Never before has one ridden so majestic a beast as an.... ostrich?
It was every bit as awkward as it looks :)
Safari Ostrich Farm Oudtshoorn

"So, where are you from?"
"Canada! How did you know?"
"No self respecting South African would be in the water in the middle of winter".
Victoria Bay
On top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.