Monday, March 13, 2017

AmsterDAM you're beautiful!

So the trip has begun! Yesterday mom and I met at Pearson, and got through security with hours to spare.

This says so much :)

I'm currently sitting, sans pants, in the hotel room in Amsterdam (A+ on the decor in the art hotel, seriously) and I'm happy to report that today's adventures have completely wiped out the memory of the seriously god awful flight.

I know that flying is expensive and also is a privilege but do airlines think people don't have arms? Or for that matter knees? My mom was literally on the brink of tears because her leg had cramped so bad because there was support in the way and she couldn't straighten her leg. I had one too, and my knee ached terribly. I didn't sleep a wink, either, so that made it especially fun when we watched the train we were directed to, fly by our intended stop and take us to Amsterdam Central Station.
But we asked a few strangers and met a very helpful bus driver and got to the hotel in no time to shower and drop into bed.

Our room!

In pulling out my pyjamas I mused that I didn't see my underwear in the bag and the thought plagued me as I fell asleep. Fortunately when I woke up and went to get dressed (Ahh! Fresh clothes!) there they were. Despite being the last thing I put in my bag, they were buried at the bottom.

After waking up from the worlds most refreshing cat nap, mom and I ventured into the Jordaan neighbourhood.

Our first stop was, who's surprised, the Weldraad yarn shop. It had some of the most beautiful roving. I was keeping an eye out for some local wool, but when I found it, it was more rough than the wool I've become accustomed to. That was sad. Haha. I'm spoiled :)

The architecture is absolutely stunning. All over the city there are gems that step out of the usual Dutch History, and go full on Art History.

This Art Nouveau beauty!!

Political statements present but not prevalent.


As we wandered we decided to look for a cafe to sit and enjoy the feel of the neighbourhood. Right around the next corner we found just what we were looking for! 

Smoked Mackerel with apple and other deliciousness I can't remember :)

We had a group sit beside us, and in the process, mom spied a Canadian flag on their professional video camera. Turns out they were the "London Bureau" CTV crew!! We had a fun chat and they graciously paid our tip after a screw up at the till (our fault), since neither of us are carrying Euro yet.

You can guess the fun typo I just did :P

The weather and the scenery are perfection!
This is sort of a selfie!!
Look at that gorgeousness!!!
Some of the best design in the world, in my opinion!
In time with the setting sun, we headed back to the hotel, where we've been snacking on aged cheese, fresh pear and speculoos cookies!

Nothing more sanitary than cutting cheese with a nail file in a bathroom! Whee :D

Tonight will be an early night, and probably an early morning. Lots more exploring to do, plus we have tickets for the Anne Frank Museum and a canal boat tour!

A room with a view...
#WindmillsNotWindTurbines (hah)