Saturday, March 25, 2017

Over the mountain

Yesterday we headed up the Outeniqua Pass, through the Outeniqua Range, and onto another adventure.

Let's just say, it was a great day for scenery, but an even better day for animals!!

The road to Highgate Ostrich Farm
We had stopped at Safari, thinking I might be able to find (read: afford) an ostrich leather something for M, but when Doreen made exclamations over the price, and the best I could do was a coin purse, I decided to turn my attention elsewhere.
We tried a second farm, Highgate, but their selection was poorer and their prices weren't posted. I satisfied myself instead with getting close to the ostriches.

There was corn on the ground, which I picked up and fed to some of the birds. I guess one was pissed at me when it found my hand was suddenly empty, and he bit at my thumb. It actually took two stabs at it. The first one I laughed because I was shocked, but then it bit harder, breaking the skin just below the joint, and then scraping along below the nail. It started bleeding immediately.

The assailant.
Luckily Glynis comes prepared and after washing it thoroughly I bandaged it up.

Our adventure continued toward Calitzdorp, with a small detour to see the Red Hills.

Amur Falcon

Towards Calitzdorp
As we drove into Calitzdorp Glynis and Doreen told us about their travels there, and how they have award winning vineyards, in particular, they are the Port Capital of the world.

This serene looking dude was one of many living in a fenced area at the front of someone's property. 

Boplaas Cellar grounds.
We stopped for lunch at the Boplass Cellar, who has award winning port. When I saw their bistro menu, I knew what I was eating for lunch.

Payback is delicious.
I tried the ostrich fillets. They seemed steak like to me. But I haven't eaten steak in 21 years, so, keep that in mind. They were rich, with a steak like texture, they cook it like steak (rare, medium, etc), but it had a much nicer flavour, in my opinion.

P.S. My thumb still hurts. Stupid ostrich :)

After Calitzdorp, Glynis drove us to Outshoorn. There was a fancy wool shop, and a shop they get deals at, and let's just say, deals were made.

On our way out of town, I started yelling incoherently. The one thing I was waiting to see was finally in front of me. Mom saw it too, a herd of Springbok. When we first saw them, there was 5 or 6, but by the time we made it back for pictures, we could only see three.

                               ^                                                         ^                                                                ^
Can you see them?
Glynis' camera has a better zoom, but the image seems washed out,
even after being colour corrected.

Then we noticed this small farm had zebras.

I promise those are zebras (and goats, I think). Not wild, but still.
But the views on the way home were still breathtaking.

Doreen calls these hills "her loaves"

birds nests

From the Outeniqua Pass

Looking towards George from the pass.

The icing on the Great Day cake.
I have less than 40 hours left before flying out of George. I leave at 1:30pm ACT (UCT+2) on March 27th, and arrive in Halifax at 8pm ADT (UTC-4) on March 28th. I had to google it, but that's 1 day 11 hours and 30 minutes travel time. Ouch. 

Tomorrow's the last hurrah! I need to check in first thing in the morning and I have a few last gifts to buy, but considering the way my heart leapt then dropped when I heart the sport bikes tearing down the N2, today, I miss my husband, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.