Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ready to go!

Travel anxiety is real, people. And I've got it.

I've been spinning my wheels all day today, ever since posting the following to Facebook:

Since then I've checked into my flight to Toronto, got mom and I checked into our flight to Amsterdam, started the last load of laundry (favourite underwear, etc) did all the fun physical prep (nails, hairs, etc), and I'm sitting here hitting reload on my Facebook news feed ad nauseam.

I baked bread this morning! That's how much distraction I need! In between baking and knitting and standing up every 5 minutes to check something else I thought I forgot (despite the list I made of everything that went into the bag.

So here I am. I'm still at 19 hours before the plane takes off for Toronto. We've got pizza on the way and movies queued, and I'm planning on an early bedtime, since its 5 hours later in Amsterdam.

There's going to be lots of picture posts, I think. I hope!!

Ready to go.