Monday, March 20, 2017

Solo Adventures

The Canadians escaped their captors (hah) and lit out for the city on their own today.

Yesterday Doreen, Glynnis, mom and I spent the day catching up with people at their homes. We ate delicious food and heard fantastic tales of Doreen in her youth. It was lovely.
That night mom and I decided to take someone's advice and use the hop on-hop off tour busses that you see all over the city. We grabbed a cab, and were dropped off at the Victoria and Arthur waterfront (I said Albert earlier, because, duh, they were a thing, but it's actually called Victoria and Arthur), got on the bus and headed to Long Street.

Waiting for the bus at V&A Waterfront.

I needed a hat. Desperately. It was +31 today. The sun was LETHAL. I was very afraid of another episode like the one after the Canadian National Motocross race in Nova Scotia where my head hurt so bad I didn't know whether to cry or vomit. (I cried. M took care of me. He's such a good husband).
So we went to Long Street, stopped by the Greenmarket Square. Bought some stuff (a hat, a kaftan and a piece of art), and then jumped back on the bus for the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden!

We did not anticipate that the heat would put a mighty damper on enjoying the grounds. We stayed for a little over an hour, sticking to the shade, drinking lots of water, and taking many breaks (the gardens are situated on the foothills of Table Mountain).

Hadidas Ibis

Amazing views

Biggest cactus I've ever seen!

I wish I'd paid attention to what kind of tree this is! Ha!

I had to google that. I had no idea what I was seeing. It was huge!

Egyptian Geese
They look like ducks to me :P

Eventually we gave up on the gardens. We spent some time in the air conditioned gift shop before heading back to the bus.
The bus took us around the peninsula and we enjoyed the driving tour through the Constantia Wine region, Imizamo Yethu Township, Hout Bay (again), Camps Bay and Sea Point before heading back to V&A Waterfront.

I didn't take any pictures on the bus. I really wanted to sit and enjoy the colour commentary (we wore headsets and listened to prerecorded information interspersed with music, which, I swear to god, they actually included Toto's Africa. And it's been stuck in my head ever since!). 

Once back at the waterfront we stopped for a bite. Calamari in Cape Town is the BEST I have ever had. OMG. I want more.

And then the clouds rolled in.

We noticed it starting to get darker around 4:30. It was a relief. It wasn't until the drive home that we noticed this:


God damnit Toto. "It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you / There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do / I bless the rains down in Africa / Gonna take some time to do the things we never had"

I seriously teared up when I saw the rain.

What a beautiful sight.
Tomorrow we leave bright and early for George. It's about a 4 hour drive, but it sounds like we'll be breaking it up into manageable chunks. Alister is going to be driving mom and I, as we won't all fit with luggage and everything in Glynnis' rental.

I'm excited to return to George. I have so many fond memories. I'm looking forward to being reminded why.