Thursday, March 23, 2017

Two days in one!

Wednesday was UNBEARABLY HOT. I couldn't handle it. It made me feel marginally better that the locals were also pretty miserable about the weather. We stayed around the house all day, deciding to go for a dinner picnic to Heroldsbaii. I was excited!

On the way there, the fog rolled in.

I was not impressed.
Mom and I played in the waves, until we noticed the following weirdness.

Today Heidi told me the blue things are Portuguese Man o'War, which are extremely venomous. So the snails are doing everyone a favour.

We took our picnic back to the house and enjoyed it in the relative cool of the evening breeze.

As I fell asleep a thunderstorm rolled it. It was glorious.

Today, I woke up to considerable excitement. It seems a visitor came in the night, and had no interest in leaving.

It sat there, preening and looking around, totally content in Doreen's fig tree!

Today's adventures took us to Mosselbaii. We went to the waterfront, but it was being actively invaded by many teens, so we turned the car around and left as quickly as possible :D

We made a quick stop at a "shed", a small building with several market stalls inside. There was lots of beautiful handmade stuff (an ostrich leather purse caught my eye, but the price tag made me leave it behind). Mom bought some things, but I left empty handed. Tomorrow will be my big shopping day. :D

We headed back towards the water for lunch.

Damn Seagulls are all the same!

Overcast but still scenic :)

We had a friend stay with us at lunch.
 Thankfully the weather turned for the better while we sat at lunch. We all had a seafood basket. I seriously cannot get enough calamari!
This was the view immediately after.

Oh, hello sun! Yes please, sunscreen!

We spent the rest of the afternoon along the waterfront. It was beautiful.

As usual, mom and I collected things as we walked. I found an adorable tiny sea urchin, no bigger than 2cm diameter. But then I dropped it. I'm so sad :'(

I left this one behind...

Glynis joined us in the photographic opportunities.

Mom and I were conned into climbing up some cliffs at St Blaize, which turned out to lead to a hiking trail and not the lighthouse at the top of the hill. The up was fine, it was the coming down that had my fear of heights kicking in.

From inside the cave

Heading back down. Carefully.

More Dassies!
We drove over to Hartenbos, where many holiday homes dot the beach.

We were previously at the point on the left.

The bright green plants at the bottom are sour fig plants.
I ate a sour fig. They're not sour, they're weirdly salty!

Doreen was out of steam, so she waited in the car.

Heading back to George, the weather hadn't changed the way it did in Mosselbaii

The mountains have disappeared.

Still no mountains

 We made it home in time for dinner, followed by tea and koeksisters. I remember Glynis' koeksister's from 1995, so I was looking forward to having more.
I went to go have a shower when I stumbled across this little fellow.

It's been raining all evening and I guess it found its way inside. Mom liberated it back into the wild/the back yard. 

And for the record, the owl stayed around all day. We all figure it will leave the same way it came; in the dead of night.

Tomorrow we head over the mountain! We're making a few stops at some wool shops, and maybe a special trip at the ostrich farm! Who knows what else our hosts have in store!