Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dispatch from the Garden - 1 of many

There's been many good days spent outside lately. I've been dodging raindrops until this weekend, where despite weather reports saying otherwise, Saturday was rain-free. And today was full sun!

The waterfront path is still on hold, for no reason other than things in the backyard have been more interesting. 

I managed to take a few pictures while I was out today. I worked out a process that helped me be more productive (spending 30 minutes doing an outdoor task, 30 minutes on an indoor task, or more accurately, a fun task, then a necessary task) I got so much done in the last two days!
I even had time for dog snuggles!

This following picture represents so much progress!

The square foot gardens!
The patio area at the top of the picture used to be covered in debris to be burned, much like the top left. We've gotten so far, but still so far to go! I mulched in between the beds, adding a newspaper barrier underneath to discourage the weeds from growing into my garden beds. The newspaper you can see at the front of the bed at the bottom left was where I ran out of mulch (I only had a part bag on hand) and used some rocks I had laying around to hold it in place. The plastic bag covering the peas and beans on the trellis was one of my tasks on Friday. Today I added cucumber, beets and radishes under little plastic cloches. I also laid the heavy black plastic that I'd pulled up from another part of the yard to prevent weed growth while I plan and build the new bed. 

I'm planning on elongating the bed on the right, I accidentally built it a foot short. So much for measure twice cut once :P But now that I'm trying to expand the amount of food I grow, the extra 4 feet will come in handy.

Elsewhere in the yard, things are getting a little more colourful :)
The first daffodils!
Last year I bought some pansies, thinking they'd be a nice pop of colour in a bed that I've not committed to, yet. When I bought them they were labeled as annuals, and yet, here they are, even more prolific than they ever were last summer. Minimal research has introduced me to biennials, so that's a thing I need to learn about now.

The Undead Pansies

I got a multi pack of colours, including orange and yellow
So things are progressing in the garden. I will try to take more pictures of the different areas I've been improving, but sometimes the work I'm doing it's obvious in pictures, like pruning, or weeding.