Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good Hard Work

You get a blog post today because it's pouring rain and I'm stuck inside!

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden. Partly because I'm taking a break from the waterfront path. There's a lot of downfall and its harder to get through than I expected, and getting around it makes my skin crawl because fungus creeps me out. But also because I need to keep up on maintenance in a garden this enormous.

On the weekend I finally completed the long-planned expansion of the slightly shadier garden at the side of the house. I was shocked to find garlic - that I thought I had harvested last year - was sprouting. So I had to dig it out before installing the bed, which also gave me an opportunity to weed the area, a former flower garden left to the weeds.

The upper left is the old raised bed, containing asparagus, garlic and rhubarb.
The new bed is below. And yes, I ran out of soil. 
I've been a little scattered in my garden clean up. I raked out a bunch of beds (and had a few bonfires in the process), and decided it was time to trim Simon and Nick, the holly, again. In the process of also weeding around the holly, I started cleaning up around the pavers. And then I decided to add some decorative stones along the edge to soften it and make it look a little more intentional.

Its a work in progress.
The picture above hints at some other work I've done, trying to expand the paving stone area so we're no longer backing the bikes up on the lawn.

M wants three move above these ones, even.
The paving stone path that runs from our driveway to our shed is old, though it's still in pretty good condition, considering the possibility of heaving through our Canadian winters.

We do have one problem area, however. It appears a large rock (it's MUCH bigger than the 18"x18" pavers) was under one of the pavers which we removed, and it's heaved one particular section. M and I are hoping to lift these pavers, level the area, and lay the pavers again. Including one over the rock.

You can see the heaving, and the stone under the missing paver. 
Hopefully that solves our problem.

I'm desperate for a new garage. We could build one ourselves for about $5k (ouch), but we need to make a decision whether we will hire someone to lay a slab foundation, or whether we will have a wood foundation on a larger shed structure. Cost is going to be a huge factor, of course.

There will probably be lots of dispatches from the garden in the coming weeks :)