Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homeward Bound

Monday morning I woke up, and wandered around the yard, taking pictures. I had been keeping my eye on Doreen's famous fig tree, hoping to find a ripe juicy fig before I had to go home. 

Today was the day. Enjoying a tree-ripe fig.
After a leisurely breakfast, finishing packing the last of the laundry and, yeah, doing my fair share of pacing, we got ready to head to the airport.

A photo for the road
I took about 100 more photos of the mountains.
I couldn't get enough of the clouds.

In Canada people rarely see off their guests at the airport. Part of it is the fact of going through security. Part of it is the astronomical parking fees.
Neither deterred Doreen & Glynis from seeing me off. They laughed, kindly, at my eagerness to go through security. "Oh, it's nothing. You'll be through it in no time." I thought of my preferred airport, Hamilton's John C Munro, and their piddly, lovely, security set up. Still, the George Airport was unfamiliar and I just wanted to get through and calm down. Anxiety knows no logic.

Suffice to say, they had ever reason to giggle at me. I was through security in approximately 2 minutes and stood on the other side, flight delayed, and an hour to kill in an area probably with as many square feet as my home.

Getting on the plane in George.

I'm not normally a fan of pictures from the plane (too much like pictures from the car, which I'm also guilty of this trip). BUT LOOK AT THEM! The geography was mind bogglingly beautiful. Though, I suppose, that's not as apparent in these photographs.

The peninsula at the top is very likely Mosselbaai

The Outeniqua Mountains

Getting closer to Johannesburg

Landed in Johannesburg
In Johannesburg I did a lot of walking around. I had just over 2 hours to kill by the time I found my way through the terminals and security. I browsed some stores, I had a leisurely dinner at an airport restaurant, I paced to and from the departure gate.

Despite all of this, I didn't sleep a wink on the flight to Paris. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had been upgraded to "Economy Plus", so I had a few more amenities and definitely more space than the flights East. But still, no sleep.

There's no time zone difference between Johannesburg and Paris, so I landed 11 hours later, nearing 6am, to embark on a whole other adventure....