Monday, April 3, 2017

Last Day

Sunday Morning I woke up to an empty house. Mom, Doreen & Glynis had all left for church. I spent the morning packing and trying to check into my flights. 

I could not. 

Hadedas on the fence :)

After they came home we were to go to lunch, and Doreen knew that I couldn't check into the George-Johannesburg flight without going to the airport, so that became part of the plan. I had a few last things I wanted to purchase from the grocery store, and they wanted to take me to the beach again. Sunday was filling out. But I couldn't keep my mind off checking in. 

Doreen & Glynis napped in the car while mom and I dealt with checking in.

There were issues with the booking, which was why I couldn't check in online (for the subsequent flights, we still couldn't have checked in for the George flight even if the information had been complete), but the kind woman at the service desk got me straightened out, and mom now knew what needed to be done for her flights the following week.

On the way to the beach I stopped to take a picture of the mountains I'd been wanting to capture.

Outeniqua Mountain Range

Then, back to Heroldsbaai we went. The surf was much more aggressive and I found myself fighting the current sweeping across the beach more than the waves coming in or the undertow going out.

A moment of calm, mid-pummelling.

What I didn't know was that there was a pod of dolphins hanging around the bay as well. After I got out, we followed them to the far west side of the beach.

Glynis' zoom is much better than mine. 
After the beach we headed to the grocery store, and on the way home I couldn't get enough of the sun set.

Plattner Blvd, George.

Outeniqua Mountains

Sunset punctuated with razor wire.

We had a wonderfully casual dinner and I finished pack prep (including doing laundry). Despite being tired travel anxiety kept me up late, and woke me early the next morning. Of course it did.