Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oh right, the blog!

It's been more days since my last post than I intended. Those of you on Facebook have seen some of the journey home, and some of what came after for me.

I have never felt so tired in my life.

40 hours of air travel (more than the original estimate because Canadian border control kept me from making my final flight) is not something to sniff at. Even my flight home from Thailand (30 hours of travel) didn't feel nearly as gruelling as this (the night I returned from Thailand I went to a New Years party that had me out until 3:30am!). But part of this was probably due to my determination to make something of a 9 hour layover, resulting in additional anxiety and physical fatigue on top of not sleeping on the 11 hour flight from Johannesburg.

Ahem. Enough excuses, back to the photographic goodness.

The last day I posted about was our Friday in Oudtshoorn, also known as the day I was savaged by an ostrich ;)


Saturday morning we got up early with full intentions of going to two farmers markets. We stopped for breakfast along the way, and spent a wonderfully leisurely morning strolling the grounds, looking at locally produced foods and beautiful handcrafted items

The food side of the farmers market

Mom and I still made it out of there empty handed :) Happily so, we had so much stuff to bring home as it was.

On the way home we stopped at the Kaiiman's River Railway Bridge lookout (overlooking Leentjies Klip). There used to be a train that ran through this area, but after part of the track washed out, that's no longer an option.

Leentjies Klip

Leentjies Klip

Kaaimans River Railway Bridge
Me, Doreen & Mom

Leentjies Klip from the look out.
On the drive back to George from the market we happened to pass one of the wool shops that I had found using google maps while still in Canada. We also determined that we'd spent enough time farmers marketing, and we should find something else to do instead. Which lead us to the beach! It was the first opportunity, since that day that turned foggy, to get into the water.

And it was glorious.

Those are some big waves, and yet not the biggest I got to experience :P

Enjoying some soft serve post swim!


Mom and Doreen enjoyed their ice cream from the relative shade of the car.

Most of the real estate in this area is vacation rentals,
though a famous golfer, Ernie Els, also has property - and a golf course - here.

It was a beautiful day, and a wonderfully relaxed way to spend a Saturday.