Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pen Progress!

So Monday I was laid out with a sore back, and I wrote the post about expanding the dog pen.
Tuesday my back was approximately a million times better, and I was feeling restless. I didn't want to risk re-injuring my back, but I was bored as hell sitting around the house.

But even taking it easy, I made a lot of headway.

Over the weekend the focus was clearing dead trees and trimming branches. It was a lot of work, some bending and straining to lop off limbs. So I took a different tack, I detached the fence from the trees and the posts, and I wove it through the trees, maximizing the length of the fence and the area for Kaylee to run. I did this without trimming branches or removing deadfall, the entire goal was to get the fence back up so the pen would be secure, with as little work as possible.

Even still, in the name of not pushing myself too far, I took many breaks, doing the three sections of fence in stages.

This area is going to change significantly (again) once the permanent fence is installed. The entire front fence area will be used to go further into the trees, yet again increasing Kaylee's roaming area. Upon bushwhacking for this section, I realized that there was a tree that had fallen, but wasn't exactly safe, so I made sure the fence did not encompass this area. It will be on the list of to do's once the permanent fence is installed, so we can expand into that area.

There's a lot of work to be done in this area, cleaning up deadfall and trimming horizontal branches. But it already looks so much better, so much less like a bowling alley. The diagonal stakes leaning on the fence are about to be moved to where we've been storing the stakes, I forgot to do that before I took the picture.

Hilariously, the before looks better in this picture, just because of the crappy green fence. But this area of our yard is barely used, and from many vantage points, the fence is hidden behind Stadler (above) and Waldorf (not pictured)

You can vaguely see how far the green fence goes back into the distance, disappearing from view about 1/3 of the way from left to right, in the picture. It goes around a corner and deeper into the woods which the camera couldn't capture.

This pic illustrates what I mean, better, but even from a closer vantage point you can't see where the fence is in the background. There's so much space for Kaylee to explore!!

So until M gets the new posts into the ground (which I haven't even purchased yet, so it's not like there's a deadline), I can work on gathering the trees and branches I've already pulled out/cut off, and continuing the same in areas I haven't tackled yet.

Funny how, despite being besieged by blackflies the entire time, accomplishing something just feels so good :)