Friday, May 12, 2017

Wedding Fever

Last weekend M and I travelled to the Metropolis of Ottawa to attend the wedding of dear friends, Eric and Erica.

The Jungmeisters

It was also a reunion of sorts as lots of our friends from the Manitoba days, and even University were in the area!

While M was off doing the rehearsal dinner, I had a hotel picnic with an old friend and her littles.
Marie, Mylaine & Marc-Olivier <3
They were hilarious, high spirited and adorable. And it was great to catch up with Marie.

The next day I got to have lunch with Sebastien, though I'm sad we didn't get photographic evidence.

Then off to the wedding!

(Mike) Jeon and my handsome husband (Mike) (Old Man) Armstrong.
Eric and (Mike) Lane

The ceremony was beautiful and thankfully brief considering the cold driving rain and the outdoor venue, but inside it was warm, the music was great, the speeches were touching and hilarious (Eric really outdid himself).

And any occasion to dance with my husband, I'll take it.

And I know I'm biased, but I think I looked pretty good.

Yes, I am so skilled that I can make a post about someone else's wedding all about me :D